Mid 2019 Update

Hi everyone, Thankfully spring is just around the corner!
Here’s what going on at the clinic.

I’ve got a new course coming up on the 15 of September which is called upper crossed syndrome of shoulders. Here’s a quick rundown of what it covers:
Clients experiencing upper crossed syndrome typically have over active and strained muscles back of neck, shoulder and back while the front structures such as the chest muscles become shortened, tight and weak. This interplay of overactive and under active muscles can result in pain, alternate posture, reduced range of motion and bio-mechanical dysfunction of the neck and shoulders.

I’ve got a new product for sale: Flex Eze heat patches that stick to an item of clothing rather than your skin. Good for back pain, arthritis and menstrual pain. See in-store for more info.

The extra hours I’ve added to Saturday has been beneficial for clients to be able to have treatment with their busy work schedules.

Fathers day is nearly here, grab dad a voucher to help ease his aches and pains. Buy in-store or online with free delivery.