“The power of touch”

The difference between Massage and Remedial Massage
Swedish massage is the most taught massage in the world.
In the middle part of the 19th century, it was introduced to the united states, by two New York physicians based on per Henrik Lings techniques developed in Sweden.

Swedish massage is mainly used for relaxation massage, let me explain.
Relaxation massage is used to relieve stress and can improve health through increasing blood and lymph flow throughout the body. Other benefits include respiratory system, increased flexibility and overall feeling good.
A good definition of relaxation massage is:

A smooth flowing style that promotes general well being, circulation and range of movement. Techniques used in relaxation has three levels:

Effleurage which = stroking the body
Petrissage – two hands together to squeeze the muscle
Frictions – Moving underlying tissue gently
Remedial Massage definition

A remedial therapist aim is to provide an effective treatment to physical pain and body dysfunction involving a multitude of techniques. A remedial therapist has a more understanding and larger knowledge base of anatomy, physiology and how the body works within origin and insertion of muscle groups. Which then enables the remedial therapist to treat a variety of muscular skeletal conditions.

Factors which lead to pain in the body

Ischaemia – which is lack of blood flow and oxygen caused by muscular traumas.
Trigger points – These are areas increased metabolic waste deposits in a muscle which then can cause referred pain to all parts of the body; this is called satelliting.
Nerve entrapment -Nerve entrapment is pressure on nerves by soft tissue or by hard tissue / bone and disk.
Postural distortion – When the bodies alignment deviates from an anatomical correct position in the frontal zone.
Nutrition – The intake of nutrients necessary for cellular metabolism.

Remedial massage strokes rely on a masterful and effective application of a variety of strokes and techniques. Techniques in remedial massage:

Deep frictions
Trigger points
Rolling tissue
Muscle energy techniques
Facial release
Joint loosening
Special tests
As you can see there is a big difference between what we call normal massage and remedial massage. I incorporate all the above techniques in my clinic, first starting with Swedish, and then incorporating the remedial components.

I hope this gives you a snapshot in what the difference are between these two modalities.

I look forward to seeing you and treating you soon.

~Steve Campbell