Christmas 2023 Newsletter

Wow, what a big year it has been in 2023! I would like to thank all my existing clients and also all the new clients who have attended my Remedial massage clinic. It is an honour to be able to treat you. Thank you so much.


  • Recently celebrated my 8th anniversary at the clinic. Time has gone so fast!
  • Just received my 20-year Membership with Massage & Myotherapy Australia. I was also a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists for 3 years before that, which in total is 23 years within my profession.


  • Fluid dynamics and the thoracic outlet
  • Exploring sciatica & radicular pain part 1
  • Exploring sciatic & radicular pain part 2
  • Iliopsoas in its structured function
  • Ethics in Practice certification

I get this question a lot: what is the advantage of having a remedial massage? Remedial Massage benefits you gain on having treatment:

  • Blood circulation
  • Increases mobility & range of movement
  • Releases soft tissues and adhesions
  • Treats things like soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, neck, shoulders, back hips legs and arms, joints, ligaments, tendons, mental & emotional wellbeing, reduces stress to the skeletal structures and stretching.

Lymphatic treatment: Over the past few years, I’m treating more clients with Lymphatic issues such as Lymphedema and Oedema, which is fluid building in areas of the body and not draining as it should, such as stomach, ankles, legs, arms, and face. If you are suffering from fluid build-up, this would be great for your condition. The Lymph vessels are just under the skin and go to the Lymph nodes to filter lymph fluid as it passes through your body. The technique required to do this treatment is very light and it mimics how the lymph vessels work in a caterpillar motion.

Christmas gift vouchers: You can purchase them online at or drop into the clinic. I’ll be working right up until the 24th so it’s a great last minute gift idea. You can find me back at work on the 19th of January. I hope to see you in the clinic soon!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.