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I had a radical abdominoplasty

I had a radical abdominoplasty back in November and my suergon suggested to have lymphatic massages to help with the swelling. It was hard to find someone in Devonport but I messaged Steve to see if he done these type of massages and soon as he responded to my message. I booked with him and I can see the results after a massage it’s definitely helped with my recovery and the swelling process I’ve had a few massages and will continue to do so.


Time is our greatest commodity,

Time is our greatest commodity, and for those wishing to push, stretch and grow there are only three things we can deliberately train, our bodies, our minds and our craft. Steve’s skill’s, professionalism and the environment he creates enable his clients to benefit from his excellent remedial work but also give our minds space to relax and recharge. Two gains in one session, it is like magic.

David Lietzau

I so look forward to

I so look forward to my monthly appointments with Steve, he always knows where you hurting,
I would highly recommend

Sandie templar

Have been using Steve for

Have been using Steve for the relief of chronic back pain. Steve has given me pain relief and I’m able to get back to normal movement again. I see Steve on a regular basis to help maintain the pain and relieve the muscle tension. Highly recommend for back problems.

Janele McEachern

Mr. Magic Hands, before I

Mr. Magic Hands, before I went to Steve I was hammering pain relief. I have been unable to walk properly on a weekly basis at times . Steve has worked his magic and got me up and going. I limp in but walk out. No longer on regular pain relief. Steve absolutely knows what he is doing, I highly recommend him . Easy person to relate to and ask questions. Explains in a way I can understand. Just with me describing where and what type of pain . He Knows. He fixes.. Very experienced and extremely knowledgeable . Narelle Carter

Narelle Carter

Steve is incredible! I’ve had

Steve is incredible! I’ve had 2 lymphatic drainage massages so far and the results have been phenomenal. I’ve been to others claiming they are able to provide this service and they cannot compare to Steve. He is the best in the business. Couldn’t recommend enough. Can’t wait to go back.

Tegan Howe

Always feel amazing after my

Always feel amazing after my remedial massage. Would highly recommend Steve

Karen Berechree

Steve is brilliant, knows exactly

Steve is brilliant, knows exactly how the make you feel better

Sandie templar

Steve is always professional and

Steve is always professional and thorough from the moment you enter his rooms. He asks and responds to your requirements, relieving muscular tension and problematic areas. Highly rate and recommend his experience and expertise.

Jodi Jones

I am a very active

I am a very active mum of two and rarely do I get time to do the required recovery after training, Steve is one of the only reasons I’m able to still move freely! I have been having massages with Steve for several years now, even throughout my most recent pregnancy. He is always accommodating of my needs and he is the only one I trusted to safely massage during this period of my life! He has always managed to ease and/or fix injury issues I’ve had (back and shoulder) and I cannot recommend him highly enough! He knows his stuff and I would not trust anyone else!

Sally Haynes

My massages help me continue

My massages help me continue my healthy painless days. I have had many aches and pains, diagnosed as firbromyalga. I am so happy with the treatment I have with Steve and the improvement in my body pains. Today I had treatment for fluid retention, I have a very positive feeling I will get a good result.

Barbara Pendrey

I have been going to

I have been going to Steve for some years now. I have had other massages at times and I can 100% say that there is no one more passionate, and well educated about his job than Steve. I do a lot of physical work and I don’t think I would manage it if it wasn’t for Steve’s regular massages. He listens and works on your problem areas with success. He is friendly and helpful with advice. Best man in the business for sure!

Kim Blackwell

I’ve had years of trying

I’ve had years of trying different massage therapies but I’ve never had the same kind of results that I have experienced with Steve. After my first session my back pain had completely dropped away and I had a return to much freer range of motion. I’m not even that sore after a massage which is very unusual for me – they normally leave me achy for a few days. But I just feel looser and more comfortable. Steve has a great technique and is very friendly, approachable and easy to talk to. He really listens to what you’re saying and explains things in a way that’s easy to understand. Can’t recommend enough!

Lauren E

Pleasant outcomes to all my

Pleasant outcomes to all my ailments over many years, certainly knows which professional techniques to use

Sheree Wisniewski

Steve, Thank you for a

Steve, Thank you for a wonderful massage treatment. You relieved the tension throughout my back & neck. I am looking forward to my next massage.
Thank you Steve

Vivien Harrington

Steve has magic fingers –

Steve has magic fingers – he’s fixed my pain from Sciatica & also helping the knee problems I’ve been experiencing. He is so friendly & very professional. Thank you so much Steve.

Ann Layton

I see Steve every fortnight

I see Steve every fortnight and I highly recommend his services. He is a consumate professional but also a great bloke to have a chat with, and his skills as a masseuse are second to none. Make sure to book in early though as his vacancies fill up very quickly, a testament to his excellent work.

Cristina Fairley

Steve is a brilliant massaure

Steve is a brilliant massaure with years of experience and he runs his own warm and welcoming business You feel right at home in a warm inviting business. His skill is wonderful and he is very warm and welcoming, and I am so glad that I found his work is amazing and very well run
Thank you very much Steve

Eileen Mason

I was very glad to

I was very glad to see Steve a few months ago now, as I needed some help with my aches and pains and he was extreemly good and helped me a lot.
He is very experienced and runs his own business which is very well run and a nice cosy room for his work which I have found very good and well recommended..
Thank you very much Steven

Eileen Mason

Steve has many massage techniques

Steve has many massage techniques he brings to each session. Always dynamic, effective and thorough. Provides incredible results without hurting!

Felicity Lovatt

Absolutely wonderful massage and excellent

Absolutely wonderful massage and excellent service. Steve is a great masseur and a credit to his profession.

Anne Mahlo

Every time I leave Steve’s

Every time I leave Steve’s massage table I feel like I’m walking out with a brand new body! I used to get a crook neck every year but Steve has helped me remain pain free this year, for the first time in 7yrs! Honestly can’t recommend highly enough it’s the best decision I’ve ever made, I look forward to every appointment!

Kristi Harris

It took Nige and myself

It took Nige and myself literally 6 years to find somebody as good as Steve. His remedial massages are fantastic, he always asks before each session about any specific areas of concern and then we leave it up to him. Other than our old Therapist in St Helens he has to be the best around…and we’ve tried plenty ☺

Helen and Nigel Kandray

I was very hesitant to

I was very hesitant to come to a new place let alone new person . I have never walked out of a massage feeling completely normal , standing straight and in no pain , I’ve always walked slumped over and in pain ! It was remarkable , thank you …


Great to be back Steve

Great to be back Steve and thank you for the best remedial massage around!

Kim Taylor

Steve is very professional and

Steve is very professional and I am amazed at his knowledge of the human body! I would highly recommend him because I always walk out feeling so much lighter and am able to move so much better! I look forward to my massage every month for sure!!

Michelle Lamprey

Steve runs an incredibly practical,

Steve runs an incredibly practical, professional and caring practice. From the minute you walk into his neat, clean and comfortable space you know you are going to be looked after. I was very impressed with Steve’s thorough pre-massage interview where he determined all of my current and past aches, pains and problems and worked with me to develop a treatment plan that would work through them. The massage space is warm, and Steve takes great care to make you feel relaxed, warm and safe. Steve’s knowledge of massage techniques and human anatomy is second to none, and his many years of experience are obvious. BEST in the BUSINESS!! I walked in feeling tight and sore, and I walked out feeling better than I have in months. Thank you Steve – I can’t wait for the next treatment.

Andrea Martin

I have been going to

I have been going to Steve for Lymphatic Drainage for a few weeks to reduce the pain and soreness in my legs, His treatment is excellent, and I look forward to my weekly visits which make a lot more soreness go away.
I Highly recommend Steve if you have Lymphedema, his treatments are excellent.

Judy Storay

Judy Storay

Steve is very professional and

Steve is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. It has been wonderful to find such an amazing Remedial massage clinic who cares for your health and wellbeing.
I highly recommend Steve, you will not regret it.

Gabriela Fernandez-Paez

Steve is simply the best

Steve is simply the best masseuse around. He is professional and knowledgeable, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Cristina Fairley

I have had chronic pain

I have had chronic pain in my side from an accident for at least ten years and have been sent to numerous different specialists, had cortisone injections and other treatments none of which really helped the pain.
My friend suggested I go to Steve and I am very thankful that I did. Steve is a true professional and fantastic at his job. For something I was starting to think couldn’t be fixed, has improved immensely and made my life much better.

Karyn Holden



Jen Oosterloo

Steve is super professional, experienced

Steve is super professional, experienced and knowledgeable. I had been looking for a Massage Therapist for 5 years and I finally found him! I have a chronic illness and Steve is aware of this, taking into account how I feel on the day. Communication is key! I walk out feeling so much better than when I went in. Highly recommended 🙂


Steve certainly knows his stuff..

Steve certainly knows his stuff.. I won’t go anywhere else now, his knowledge and service are 100% Thank you!

Tameka Harris

Love Steve’s professional approach and

Love Steve’s professional approach and wealth of knowledge . Certainly a master of his game and continually been impressed with every visit
I would highly recommend Steve and guarantee you won’t be disappointed

Sandra Packer

Steve was able to pin

Steve was able to pin point my problems and devised a treatment plan for me. The man with the magic touch.

Gill Louth



Tracey Straughair

Brilliant and professional service, solved

Brilliant and professional service, solved my problem others couldn’t. Certainly knows how to get the body parts moving freely…..

Jason Kuys

I saw Steve today 18th

I saw Steve today 18th April 2019 with DISH syndrome (Spurs on the spine & Calification) issues & torn muscle/s near the intercostal region on right hand side of my body. Steve’s knowledge of what to do to ease these areas was amazing. I came out feeling so relieved of the ache & stiffness that I have up the spine & base of spine etc. Would highly recommend you see him for such issues or any pertaining to pain as sure he can help you. I live in Melbourne & when we come back to Devonport will certainly be paying him a visit. Thanks Steve.

Annette Punch

I went to Steve after

I went to Steve after experiencing a hamstring strain and I have experienced an amazing service with Steve. Not only has he helped me get my hamstring better, but he has also provided me with post injury advice to prevent further damage. Steve provides an exceptional knowledgeable service and I would strongly recommend people to see Steve.

Jason Close

If you have not had

If you have not had a massage from Steve, you’ve never had a proper massage. An absolute master of his game! I completely trust Steve’s ability and depth of knowledge for both remedial and relaxation massage. Difficult to book in to, and it’s little wonder why. Do yourself a favour.

Shannon Goodwin

I don’t know how I

I don’t know how I ever managed without Steve, he is brilliant, thorough, knowledgeable and very approachable. His knowledge is detailed and his technique is spot on. After every session I leave walking on air and feeling relaxed. I highly recommend him to everyone!

Asma Rabani

Steve really knows how to

Steve really knows how to get the sore spots and knots out.

Frankee Whatmore

Exceptional, Steve has been exceptional

Exceptional, Steve has been exceptional in recovering from an injury in which others have not been able to assist. Super happy, and highly recommend him ,super amazing outcomes……

jason Kuys

Steve is very skilled, knowledgeable

Steve is very skilled, knowledgeable and professional. He has helped me with various musculoskeletal problems pretty much from head to toe! He has used many techniques on me including Finch Therapy which have all benefited me greatly. My neck has been a particular and long standing problem, but that along with my shoulders are feeling great. And I also appreciated my last session for my lower back areas which again has felt a great improvement. Thanks Steve!

Pauline Close

Excellent service and very thorough,

Excellent service and very thorough, I had my doubts but a few sessions in my old shoulder injury has reduced in pain levels significantly.
I even managed to tuck my shirt in at the back with my bad arm for the first time in a long time, a wonder in itself lol.
Anyone with shoulder problems knows what I’m talking about.
Highly recommend.

David Clarke

Steve provides a great service,

Steve provides a great service, he’s helped me tremendously and continues to do so. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.

Sue Clarke

Great service very professional I

Great service very professional I would definitely recommend

Matt Hope

Very good

Very good

Kim Rowbottom

Steve is professional, effective, committed,

Steve is professional, effective, committed, and has helped me greatly, I will continue to use Steve and would absolutely recommend him.

Patrick Mulhall.

Always feel great afterwards. Love

Always feel great afterwards. Love coming here. Would highly recommend.


Fantastic and professional as always

Fantastic and professional as always I highly recommend Steve I leave feeling fantastic every time

Melissa Bramich

Very good

Very good

Kim Rowbottom

Excellent. Once you started the

Excellent. Once you started the massage I realised just how much I really needed one. And feel wonderful for it

Colin Nichols

i had a remedial massage

i had a remedial massage and Steve was able to work his magic and put back together. Steve is the best masseur i have had work on me. I highly recommend having work done from him. he is such a sweet, caring person.

Frankee Whatmore

Thanks Steve you do a

Thanks Steve you do a fantastic job in such a professional manner. You listen to your customers needs. Your books system is great and your location is central.

Aileen Brett

Steve was super friendly, helpful

Steve was super friendly, helpful and professional. Even after 1 little session my back already felt a little better. Keen to go back and highly recommend.

Samantha Marshall

I loved the peaceful vibe

I loved the peaceful vibe of the clinic. I found Steve to be a lovely friendly and very professional. I feel so much freer. I would happily recommend Steve to anyone.

Frankee whatmore

Great massage. Would recommend to anyone with old niggling injuries, back pain or just to keep the body feeling loose.

Josh Berryman

The best massage I have had in ages. Steve listened and focused on the spots that needed to and helped make my wedding day a lot easier and pain free.

James Atkins

After continuous back issues and visiting many Masseurs and Chiropractors for no result, my daughter recommended a visit to who she goes to being Steve Campbell. Only after one visit I have had a huge improvement and will be flying to Steve for further treatments. Best I’ve been to, he’s awesome and rocks!

Andrew Harrison

I would highly recommend steve to anyone

Dianne Cox

Excellent professional service, am pain free. Can highly recommend Steve .Thank you

Gail Links

Had a great remedial massage on my right shoulder. Pain was greatly reduced after the first massage

Ryllis Hutton

I find Steve Campbell very professional knowledgeable and gifted with his craft. His location is central and he is gifted in his craft.

Aileen Brett

Steve was very informative, taking time to explain in detail. Then getting to work on my shoulder making sure I wasn’t in any pain at anytime.. feeling great and looking forward to my next appointment. I would highly recommend Steve.

Tracey Straughair

Great Service.
I have just had my first consultation with Steve and I found him to be very professional in his approach. I shall definitely be booking further appointments with Steve. Thank you.

Faye Ritzrow

Fantastic Service.
I highly recommend Steve for any ailment you may have. It doesn’t matter how sore and immobile I am a visit to Steve always has a positive result.

Kim-Ann Walters

Understanding and professional service.
Thank you Steve, I was nervous about letting anyone touch my back due to sensitivity. Your knowledgeable and professional service eased all of my fears and I look forward to becoming a regular client. Thank you

Sam Cunningham

Just had my first session with Steve to reduce swelling due to Lymphoedema and am very happy with the results. Steve really knows his stuff! Will definitely continue treatment and would highly recommend.

Angela Tyson

Once again left feeling great, 10 hours later still feeling great.

Tan Lynch

I found Steve to be very professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable despite this being my first massage. I will definitely be making several return visits.

Louise Chick

Excellent service highly recommend.

Andrew Wickham

Amazing, professional service. After being in pain for weeks’ Steve fixed within the hour. Would highly recommend.

Tarryn Walker

Excellent and professional service every time and so much improvement on my aches and pains

Melissa Fowler Connelly

Feeling relaxed, thanks Steve!

Georgie Hutchinson

Exceptional Massage & Technics.
Thoroughly recommend Steve, he has helped me through many aches & pains and sporting injuries! Been using Steve’s services for many years!

Sheree Douce Wisniewski

Had a great experience with Steve. I’ve struggled with shoulder and back pain for 12 months. He really understood what was going on with my body and why, and gave some great information. The massage itself was such a relief. Steve really knows his stuff.

Chelsea Cochrane

Highly recommend Steve. Full of knowledge and very good at his job. Thankyou. I will be back!

Kim Blackwell

Highly recommend, excellent knowledge and advice.

Michelle Green

Steve is a friendly and switched on sort of bloke who always manages to pinpoint my ailments and make me feel 100% better on leaving. Highly recommended

Drew Targett

Awesome. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Danica Oliver Holloway

I was impressed with his knowledge of my type of injury, his professionalism and most important impressed by the result – is only the day of the massage but am feeling 100 percent better – thanks Steve

Grant Ellis

Steve professionalism, knowledge and skill as a remedial massuer is top notch. Not only did he fix my issues in 2 sessions, he also educated me on how to protect my body from overtraining in the future. I would highly recommend Steve

Mary Bouwman

Thanks for a fantastic sports massage today Steve. A very professional out fit, and a wealth of knowledge second to none

Peter Chettle

Steve is with out a doubt the best in the business in the north west coast! He’s also a good guy and makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk in the door. Highly recommend for all office professionals!

Jodi Jones

Before i had a double hip operation I had a few sessions with Steve to get me ready for major surgery and since then I have regained muscle tone back in my hips and legs thanks to Steve and his great knowledge of the body also in my lower back. I have been to a lot of people over the years masseurs, chiropractors etc. and have not found anyone as good as this man he stands alone in his field.

Kim Barker

Steve always provides a friendly and professional service. He is very knowledgeable and is always able to pinpoint problems and provide the required treatment to fix them. I highly recommend Steve’s clinic

Mia Pope

Life Changing. I am not worthy.

Jason Hearn

This guy is right on the mark, worked exactly where the problem was with excellent results, professional and clearly knows his stuff

Marnie Carter

I have had a knee injury and suffering for 15 months with muscle issues, referred to Steve had my first session today, remedial fisica, it’s the first time in 15 months my muscles haven’t been wound up like a rubber band definitely going back regularly, thanks Steve

Tan Lynch

I was very happy with my first 1hr session. I will be making regular bookings in with Steve from now on

Sherrin Huett

Steve,s extensive knowledge and friendly manner make the visits very easy. He has been able to fix my twisted back on a number of occasions

Drew Targett

Professional service, excellent communication – Steve is a true professional. I have needed his services a few times and every time he has not only provided remedial massage but has helped me identify what is causing my back issues and demonstrated simple exercises to help resolve them. Highly recommended.

Sancia West

Thank you Steve. You’re the only massage therapist that has made a difference with my shoulder and back issues! Highly Recommended!

Bobbie Brown

I certainly recommend Steve Campbell as a Masseur and give him a 10/10 for his service. He was professional, easy to book an appt (via his online booking) and his costs are very reasonable.

Josie Dawson

Awesome treatment – I have been seeing Steve for 6 months now and the work he has done with my neck has been amazing. From waking up everyday with a headache and neck I could hardly move to waking up with no headache and no pain in my neck. Would recommend Steve’s service 100%!

Blair Kirkcaldy

A great local business
Couldn’t be happier with Steve’s professionalism & expertise.

Kim-Ann Walters

Great guidance, service and excellent facility.
Steve is to be commended on all accounts as his skills, experience & knowledge, customer service, purpose designed facility, online access and genuine support tick all the boxes for an award winning small business. So look forward to my regular ‘check in’ with Steve!

Kim Beveridge

Steve is a thorough professional who provides excellent service, he’s a great guy and provides a relaxed atmosphere. I cant recommend him highly enough. I experienced massive results in mobility after one session and kept improving with follow up sessions

Patrick Chick

Steve has a deep understanding of the body and how it works, and uses this knowledge to get the best results for clients. Highly recommend!! My back is 100 times better after one massage!!

Mark Banovic

Steve has healing hands and has set up his professional business to cater for every clients needs. He is so very good at what he does and has helped me through times of pain and discomfort. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Melissa Smith

Experienced expected soreness for a few days following the session, however I have noticed relief of my tightness in the underlying areas now which is great. I am looking forward to my next visit and will be sure to keep up a regular session in order to avoid any further injuries that may hinder my fitness program.

Tania Turale

My treatment with Steve was conducted in a very professional manner and to a high standard. Steve also provided advice on how to treat myself at home. I would definitely recommend his services and will be going back when the need arises.

Rhys Yerbury

Steve is professional, knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.

Shannon Hawke

Highly recommended, Steve is informative, helpful and committed to delivering excellent service.

Nichelle Clements

Have seen Steve for massage for probably ten years now in various locations. Very happy that the new business is doing so well. I have never been to a better masseuse. Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and works with other complementary therapies to achieve the best results. He’s seen me through some big injuries with results that I’ve been incredibly happy with. You won’t find any better in Tas.

Lauren Cannell

“Steve is the most professional and passionate remedial massage therapist I have ever been to. Truly listens and finds the source of soft tissue niggles/chronic issues every time. Highly recommend to anyone!”

Sarah Lewis