Course 24th March 2019

I attended another great course on the 25th of March called non-manipulative structural correction for joint mechanics and connective tissue dysfunction for the cervical spine,clavicle and glenohumeral complex.

We did the following assessments before we corrected the issues and applied other soft techniques.

I have used the anatomy terminology but to put it plain and simple all the work we did as got to do with the shoulder, and neck region.

The Scapulothoracic Rhythm 
First Rib and Clavicle
Neck Rotation @ Occuiput to C7
Occipital Atlantal Between the Skull and C1
Atlanto- Axial Between C1 and C2 
C3 to C7
Acromioclavicular Joint
Posterior Glenohumeral Joint
Sternoclavicular Joint 
Acromioclavicular Joint Mobilisation
Coracoclavicular Ligament Release
PosteriorGlenohumeral Joint Mobilisation
Post neck / Lamina 
3 Orthopedic Tests for shoulder
Deep Sub occipitals 
Platysma and Sternocliedomastoid 
Trapezius upper and middle fibres
Soft Tissue Techniques
Transverse Frictions 

As you can see we covered a lot in regards to assessment
corrections, and treatment.

This by far has been the most challenging course i have done in regards to complexity of the whole structure we covered in this course.

I have come away from this course with a bundle of knowledge and confidence in doing what i have been taught to be able to apply it to any of the above and get results for you.

Your health and well being matters to me.