Defining deep tissue massage

There is a misconception by clients that firm pressure is the same as deep tissue massage. To understand the difference, it is helpful to first think of the body’s fascia and muscle in layers.
The body is wrapped up in film called fascia which permeates the whole body a lot like cling wrap holding everything; from muscle, blood vessels, bone, nerves and organs.
These are interconnected in a three-dimensional phase. The muscle layers run superficial to deep in the body.
The big difference in delivering deep tissue is you do not use a lot of lubricant the reason been is that you can hook the muscle and lengthen it to separate the adhered muscle compartments.
The strokes are considered shorter and as the therapist waits for the release of tension in the muscle. Once this is done you can apply a slight stretch.
Techniques used in deep tissue Petrissage, kneading, fingers, knuckles, elbows frictions, glides, rolling, compression, stretches.

Does deep tissue massage have to be painful to be effective?
I get asked this a lot in my clinic my answer is NO. The old school of thinking years ago that it must hurt to get a result with the advancing techniques and education you don’t have punish your client on the table to get a result.
Properly executed deep tissue should not have a client hold their breath or bruise them. If so you have gone in too deep and not fully warmed the muscle group up 100%.

Whos it for?
Deep tissue is great for restricted areas or conditions such as necks, headaches, shoulders, interscapular, low back, sciatica, arms, tennis elbow, legs or for runners.

Post deep tissue massage
From my experience 72 hours post deep tissue massage you will start feel the difference in the changes to the tissue and reduced pain. After a deep tissue massage you may feel lethargic, energy levels may drop, you may urinate a lot and get a good night sleep.
This is your body going through slight changes internally. The best way to manage that is rest drink lots of water and listen to your body.
A skilled remedial therapist like me will tailor your session exactly to your needs. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to ask on the contact page.