Lymphatic drainage

What is lymphatic drainage?

I have been a Lymphatic therapist since 2004. The role of the lymphatic system is that it’s the bodys waste disposal system for fluid.The lymphatic system is called Lymph meaning water or stream.The lymphatic system carries more fluid than the blood system which is 6 to 10 litres amounts to 3.5 to litres in comparison. It regularly cleans the tissues, keeping a fluid balance and maintaining the integrity of soft tissues.

Technique used

The technique required for lymphatic drainage is very light pressure on the skin no greater than a 5 gram egg. There is no oil used in this treatment only a light powder on your hands. The role the technique plays is to mimic the way the way the lymphatic system works it’s like a caterpillar it moves forward and back. The nodes have to be palpated, these are the glands that secrete fluid. Those glands are found in your neck, under your armpits, stomach, groin, behind your knees and ankles.


Treatment for lymphatic drainage is very precise and can take a full hour or more to drain the affected area. In my experience with this 3 treatments over a month is sufficient. Conditions which can be drained using lymphatic drainage are inflammation, scars, cosmetic conditions, eye oedemas, IBS, headache, fibromyalgia, sprains, and much more.