“Defining Sports Massage”

Sports massage is the specific application of massage techniques. Such as deep tissue work, flexibility, joint loosening and strength and conditioning principles utilised to achieve a specific goal when treating an athlete. Sports massage works on soft tissue muscles, tendons and fascia. The three basic component of sports massage are pre event, post event and remedial treatment of injuries 72-96 hours post event.

Techniques for sports massage is very quick hand movement to create stimulation and blood flow to the required areas compared to normal massage.
Sports massage techniques involve: effeurage, pettrisage, frictions, deep broad strokes, direct pressure, cross fibre frictions, vibration, deep press and release, myofacial release, tapotement, stretching, joint loosening.
Injuries that can be treated: Calves, hamstrings, hip-flexors, rotator cuff, elbow, bruising etc.

The RICE treatment:

RICE treatment is applied to the soft tissues to work on eliminating oedema, which is inflammation. Place the ice in a plastic bag or tea towel. Never place ice directly on the skin. Protocol for this is 10 minutes on 2 hours off for small areas. For larger areas 20 minutes on 2 hours off until swelling subsides. Seek professional assistance up to 72-96 hours post injury such as: remedial / sports massage or physiotherapy to start the restoration of the muscle trauma.
Contraindications – where a sports massage is concerned.
Acute Soft tissue injuries within 24-72 hours. This includes hematoma, a corked muscle, bruises, skin diseases, weeping wounds, active lesions, inflamed / swollen areas must all use the RICE treatment before remedial treatment is started.

I have completed training / ongoing training for sports massage. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.